About Us


View Heights Convalescent Hospital is a licensed Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) for the short-term placement of adults diagnosed with mental or behavioral health conditions. Our 163-bed facility is a safe and secure facility with a large secured courtyard. View Heights has a state-of-the-art security system which provides the detection, supervision, and response necessary to create an environment of freedom and safety for our clients.


View Heights Convalescent Hospital is licensed and accredited by the State of Californiaand certified by the State Department of Mental Health.  We are contracted with Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) and designated an Institute for Mentally Diseased (IMD).  View Heights’ contract with LACDMH is for adults with chronic mental disorders.

View Heights’ Special Treatment Program (STP) has been certified by the State Department of Mental Health for the provision of services for the chronically mentally ill and dually-diagnosed individuals.


The primary mission of our treatment team is for the restoration of adaptive levels of functioning, thereby enabling our clients to successful return to their communities and optimize their quality of life.  The primary objectives of our Special Treatment Program include:

  • Stabilization of medical, behavioral, and psychiatric issues
  • Re-establishment of healthy living patterns
  • Development of appropriate grooming habits, personal hygiene, and daily living skills.
  • Development of social skills to enhance interpersonal relationships.
  • Development of impulse control and positive self-expression.
  • Development of effective coping mechanisms to deal with illness-related stressors.


View Heights Convalescent Hospital is a licensed Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). We provide the state mandated levels of nursing and medical care, including:

  • Medical care and coordination of medical needs under the direction of our Medical Director who supervises our resident’s care.
  • State mandated levels of registered nursing (RN) and support nursing/aide care.
  • Skilled nursing care available 24 hours a day.
  • Medication administration and monitoring.
  • Individualized nutritional evaluation and counseling.
  • Provision of other allied health professionals, such as, physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapists, psychological and other therapies.
  • Provision of social services including discharge planning, case workers and social workers.


If you are looking to place a client, View Height Convalescent Hospital is your choice.  To learn more about our Care Team and treatment approach please click here. You can be reassured that at View Convalescent Hospital, we provide the highest quality of care and a safe, caring and supportive atmosphere.

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