Position: Dietary Aide


Title Dietary Aide
Salary Negotiable
Location Los Angeles

Duties and Responsibilities

Administrative Functions


  1. Ensure that all food procedures are followed in accordance with established policies.
  2. Others as deemed necessary and appropriate, or as may be directed.
  3. Serve meals that are palatable and appetizing in appearance.
  4. Assist in serving meals as necessary and on a timely basis.
  5. Serve food in accordance with established portion control procedures.
  6. Assist in daily or scheduled cleaning duties, in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  7. Clean work tables, meat blocks, refrigerators/freezers, etc.
  8. Sweep and mop floors as directed.
  9. Wash and clean utensils as directed.
  10. Carry out garbage and keep work areas clean, dry and free of hazardous equipment, supplies, etc.
  11. Set up meal trays, food carts, dining room, etc., as instructed.
  12. Assist cook in preparing meals.
  13. Assist in checking diet trays before distribution.
  14. Deliver food carts, trays, etc., to designated areas.
  15. Serve food in dining room as instructed.
  16. Perform dishwashing/cleaning procedures. Assure that utensils, etc., are readily available for next meal.


 Must possess, as a minimum, a high school Diploma.


 None. On-the-job training provided.


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