Position: Social Services Director


Title Social Services Director
Salary Negotiable
Location Los Angeles

Job Description

Director of Social Services:

The job position is to plan organize develop and direct the overall operation of our facility’s Social Services Department in accordance with current federal, state and local standards, guidelines and regulations, our established policies and procedures, and as may be directed by the Administrator, to assure that the medically related emotional and social need of the resident are met/maintain on an individual basis.

Administrative Functions


  1. Plan, develop, organize, implement, evaluate, and direct the social service programs of this facility.

  2. Develop preliminary and comprehensive assessments of the social service needs of each resident.

  3. Develop a written plan of care for each resident that identifies social problems/needs of the resident and the goals to be accomplished for each problem/need identified.

  4. Ensure that social services components of the MDS are completed and signed on a timely basis.

  5. Monitor the facility’s QI, QM, and survey reports relative to social services and make recommendations to correct identified problem areas.

  6. Encourage the resident/family to participate in the development and review of his/her plan of care.

  7. Assist in the scheduling of care plans and assessments to be presented and discussed at each committee meeting.

  8. Ensure that all social services personnel are aware of the care plan and that care plans are used in providing daily social services to the resident.

  9. Review nurses’ notes to determine if the care plan is being followed. Report problem areas to the DONS.

  10. Assist in the development, administering, and coordinating of department policies and procedures.

  11. Keep abreast of current federal and state regulations, as well as professional standards, and make recommendations on changes in policies and procedures to the Administrator.

  12. Develop and implement policies and procedures for the identification of medically related social and emotional needs of the resident.

  13. Participate in discharge planning, development and implementation of social care plans and resident assessments.

  14. Involve the resident/family in planning social service programs when possible.

  15. Refer resident/families to appropriate social service agencies when the facility does not provide the services or needs of the resident.

  16. Provide information to resident/families as to Medicare/Medicaid, and other financial assistance programs available to the resident.

  17. Provide consultation to members of our staff, community agencies, etc., in efforts to solve the needs and problems of the resident through the development of social service programs.

  18. Assume the authority, responsibility, and accountability of directing the social service department.

  19. Participate in facility surveys (inspections) made by authorized government agencies as necessary or as may be directed.

  20. Interview residents, or family members, as necessary, to obtain social history.

  21. Assure that social service progress notes are informative and descriptive of the services provided and of the resident’s response to the service.


    Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work (or related field, Psychology, Sociology, Recreational Therapy, etc.)


    Experience in working in Skilled Nursing Facility or IMD.  Special Treatment Program experience is preferred.

    Our employees enjoy:

    Competitive pay

    Medical, dental and vision insurance

    Vacation and sick time

    Paid holidays

    Career advancement

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